Video Built for the Digital Age

We are storytellers, tech geeks and architects of branded content. Dirigo features a fully equipped video production department with in-house creatives and tacticians. Whether we’re producing commercials, web video or branded narrative content, we first align ourselves with our client’s goals and set benchmarks so that we can deliver tangible, measureable results.



Story is King

Give your audience a reason to care, they are hungry for entertaining, relevant content. When brands become entertainers they open the opportunity to genuinely connect with consumers. Using video to tell engaging, emotional stories is a powerful way to build a narrative that pre-invests your target demographics with your brand.


The Right Kind of Different

Once upon a time agencies and production companies were separate entities, leading to creative dilution, logistical bloat and a slow production process. Now, agencies that can’t produce content for new media platforms are at risk of not being able to react to market shifts and social trends. We’ve spend years perfecting this marriage between content and strategy, other agencies have just found out about it.


Video, In House

Artful language aside, we get down, dirty, and technical. We do production, every step of the process, and because we keep the parts under one roof we don’t let details slip between the cracks. Our video production studio is based in Portland, Maine and has served clients from our neighbors down the street to manufacturers in Japan. Here are a few of the things we do to bring concept to creation. See what you like? Contact us about it, we’re good listeners.


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