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Sure, she understands Tumblr. But do you really want a 19-year-old running your brand online?

Pardon the generalizations... Just because you don't understand social media doesn't mean you should forfeit all common sense and hire you best friend's cousin's kid. We see this sort of behavior all the time. It seldom works out. Dirigo's job is to take what you have and to make it great.

Brands all too often engage in social media activity without considering how it fits into their overall branding strategy and business objectives. Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts and business blogs take just a few minutes to set up. But businesses risk undermining all marketing efforts if conversations are quickly abandoned; content is unmonitored; or brand values are undermined.

Social media initiatives are more effective when fully integrated into an overall marketing strategy rather than used as a standalone tactic. At Dirigo we amplify your offline marketing message by creating positive reviews, comments and conversations around your product or service. We use social media to tell brand stories, share information, and deep dive into product details. And we use it to build relationships with fans and influencers to raise awareness, increase brand engagement and encourage purchase.

Carefully placed articles; positive product reviews; and a well planned social media programs can all be unwound by an ill-informed employee who blogs or tweets without care. To avoid brand damaging posts, marketers and employees need to be clear about what they can and cannot say online. You need a social strategy and social media policies

Harness the power of your brand influencers

Identifying your brand influencers and building strong relationships with them, is key to the success of any social media activity. It's not pushing out messages. It's about creating a dialogue and obtaining as many fans and followers as possible. It's about engaging with your key influencers - as little as .05% of your base – who have the power to drive conversions, increase conversations, and raise brand awareness. By managing brand influencers we ensure they continue to create positive, credible stories around your brand, product or service.

When customers search for your brand online, they're not just looking for your company's website. They're also looking for positive recommendations, product reviews, video clips, and price comparisons. For them it's part of the customer journey.

While understanding how to grow and nurture an online community and execute a great contest is important, business acumen separates the hobbyists from the professionals. Your social media content needs to be creative, relevant, topical and, most of all, interesting. This is serious work that should be done by seasoned professionals. We'll help you put a social program in place and tie it to your other marketing. We'll show you how to measure success. Then we'll turn it over to you if that's what you want. We're here, primarily, for the heavy lifting. Execution

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