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With all those new apps and social forms of communication, e-mail isn’t very sexy. It’s old school. That is, old school pay dirt. Savvy marketers know that e-marketing continues to be a sure thing. Compared to two years ago, better than 50% of retailers report their typical sales conversion rate for an e-mail marketing campaign remains about the same. A quarter of those retailers report that their conversion rates are up. Another 20% report that e-mail conversion is up slightly. Less than 20% have seen degraded e-mail campaign performance. E-mail continues to convert well and is a powerful tool in the marketing tool chest.

Dirigo has a long history of sending commercial e-mail. Some of the team started sending bulk e-mail as early as 1995. Modern e-mail service providers (ESPs) like Constant Contact, Cheetah Mail and Silverpop didn’t start-up until 1998. Those of us old-timers built and managed our own sending systems. And I do mean built. We’re not resellers. By 2005 Dirigo was responsible for sending 24MM e-mails a month. Eventually our e-mail marketing platform morphed into a self-service ESP offering. Over 2015-16 we've been retooling our offerings — follow along as we engineer a new messaging platform. Once released, the new server will be rebranded Konvey.com.

At the root of it all, commercial e-mail service providers (ESPs) are created equally. AOL, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo! and other consumer ESPs (those that provide free e-mail accounts to end users) score the merit of an e-mail message on the reputation of the IP address, engagement metrics, email header setup, and the physical copy and graphics. These factors determine if your message is received by the end user or cast into junk folders, or worse, permanently blocked. No commercial ESP has a monopoly or competitive advantage. The majority of senders, including Dirigo, use the very same SMTP sending engine or server software. We bought-in to this pricy server/system in 2012. In essence, this means that Dirigo is on the same footing as Campaigner, Exact Target, Go Daddy, MailChimp, Responsys, Silverpop, the NYT, Forbes, Cabela’s, etc. We all use the same mail transfer agent (MTA).

Don’t misinterpret what we’ve said — not all ESPs are equal. Some ESPs will send for anyone regardless of their reputation. Others send from shared IP addresses so that your email’s success of getting to the in box might be influenced by others. Here at Dirigo we have very high standards. We only relay for high reputation senders.

We offer the basics, such as list management and subscription controls and added features that can make your campaigns run better. Our platform can be fully-managed or self-service. The only real differentiator for most ESP consumers is service. And this is where Dirigo has the big guys beat. You see, we’re a regional commercial ESP. We’re the only player in Northern New England. This means that we can sit down one-on-one to plan out and execute best in class e-mail campaigns. We can get to know you and your business better than the big guys. Attention to our clients and service is our magic sauce. And because we have a full programming team we can help you integrate e-mail sending into just about any CF, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET or JAVA application. Our upper limit on sending is 20 sends per hour. We've got a lot of horsepower behind our ESP offering. And we've got brainpower too.

We're highly skilled at building fully responsive e-mail templates for the resort and outdoor industry. E-Mail clients include Telluride, Aspen/Snowmass, Sugarloaf, Jackson Hole, Sugarbush...

Here’s What Dirigo Can Do For You

  • Setup a comprehensive e-mail marketing strategy
  • Optimize e-mail address opt-in
  • Improve e-mail delivery
  • Clean up your lists
  • In-box monitoring, sender complaints and delivery problem fixes
  • Follow best practices
  • Design new professional responsive (mobile) e-mail templates
  • Improve your e-mail reputation
  • We can tie our API to your systems so that you can automate triggered e-mails, abandoned cart e-mails, customer reactivation e-mails, inquiry response e-mails, and customer service e-mails.
  • Send when your customers are checking their e-mail
  • Test subject lines and calls to action
  • Design your e-mails to work on smaller screens (mobile)
  • Analyze and refine

Email is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the Web today for branding, direct marketing, and fostering customer relationships. Leaders in almost every product category on the Internet are successful because their online marketing strategies rely heavily on email.

We’ve Got Answers to Your E-mail Problems

Dirigo can help you create captivating email template and attention-grabbing subject lines. We know how to personalize messages and segment lists so that readers are motivated to open, click and buy. We can clean up your list and keep your reputation in good form so that you get the most from your e-mail campaigns. All from our own Email Service Provider (ESP) platform at competitive rates and personalized local service. Few digital marketing firms know e-mail like Dirigo. We can surely develop a plan that fits just right for you. Call today — 207-358-2990.

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