The whole point, ultimately, is delivering value and creating a meaningful relationship

Marketing communication has always been the core of our business—even in the early days when we were pigeonholed a direct response web development agency. Even back then, Dirigo was laser focused on delivering communication in external attraction campaigns that produced instant ROI. What’s changed is the depth and breadth of our partners and staff. We've grown even more strategic. Sincere interaction, emotional truth, a memorable and distinctive experience—this is what differentiates you from your competitors.

Strategic communication is communication aligned with organization goals. Using a unique methodology which combines proven skills in brand strategy, PR, digital innovation and creativity, we help to deliver those goals in engaging, cost-effective and measurable ways. We are increasingly trusted with ongoing stakeholder engagement, communicating with audiences through traditional and social media. Our teams monitor and respond in real-time in a 24/7/365 world to issues affecting reputation and sentiment.

Victoria Kuhn leads our branding and strategy endeavors. She came to Dirigo with an MBA focused on decision science and rose through the ranks of corporate America, having spent time in primary and secondary data analysis, competitive intelligence, business planning, public relations, lobbying, and marketing. Victoria joined Dirigo in 2009 on exit from a 13 year stint with Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield where she was dubbed by the CEO "a results-driven professional." Victoria was Director of Marketing and the organization's lead strategist. She uses sound methodologies executed by seasoned marketers, writers and designers. Finding your way as a brand is hard work. We're no one trick pony. Dirigo partners Jamie Ippolito and David Addison and search engine specialsit Ryan Smith are seasoned marketing professionals with a trackrecord of creating and propelling brands. Our goal, always, is to create lasting and meaningful relationships between our client's brand and their audience throught SMART (e.g. specific, measureable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) best practices.

Before dollars can hit the bottom line they must first hit the top line. And, for most part, there's only one place those dollars come from: the customer! To find something, it helps to have a map. Branding gives the company or product an identity and reputation. Marketing strategy concentrates resources on optimal opportunities and competitive advantage. Branding and strategy isn't just for the big. When customers have seemingly boundless choices, branding and strategy turns out to provide a crucially competitive edge—it's the map. In the end, branding is all about walking the talk. No need to hire McKinsey & Company. Dirigo's got you covered.

We can build a brand from scratch, gradually evolve your corporate identity or produce an advertising campaign that brings your values to life and gets the cash register (digital or otherwise) ringing. We can help you build a brand equity model, develop content and channel strategies, even monitor your brand over time with a longitudinal brand study.

Our team develops and executes custom solutions using a wide variety of business tools that include: modeling and matrices; assessments and feasibility studies; competitive intelligence and new market evaluations; personas, detection and prevention systems; online and offline analytics and dashboards; marketing research; strategic planning; new market and product launches, exit planning; and facilitation services. Our branding and strategy wheelhouse includes:

  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis (SWOT)
  • Political, Economic, Social and Technological analysis (PEST)
  • Boston Consulting Group matrix planning
  • Pro-forma and post-product/program evaluation
  • Business case modeling, issue framing, market segmentation, and other secondary research methods
  • Leadership and staff talent evaluation
  • Invention and innovation analyses, including patient applications
  • Competitive and business environment intelligence
  • Feasibility studies (e.g. new or expanded markets, distribution channels, pricing, products)
  • Analytics, key performance indicators, and dashboards
  • Quantitative and qualitative marketing research
  • Focus groups and user feedback testing
  • Strategic, tactical, line of business, product, marketing, and business environment planning
  • Proactive and crisis public relations planning
  • Systemic process improvement
  • Relationship building to facilitate optimal partnerships with thought leaders (e.g. regulators, legislators, media, businesses, etc.)
  • Vision and mission development, including frameworks for cultural change
  • mPACT Pro, TRAACKR, and Appinions
  • CalmSea or internally developed proprietary algorithms

We craft strategic and tactical marketing programs and help you to execute and measure them.

  • Marketing plans and execution
  • Media planning
  • Social media planning and execution
  • Offline and online media buying
  • Content development strategies, planning and execution
  • Pack design and collateral development
  • Broadcast
  • PR planning
  • E-mail, marketing automation (Salesforce, Leadformix, Azure)
  • Sales funnel optimization
  • Conversion-focused marketing websites
  • Database marketing and market data warehousing

We can help to make sure that your organization, whatever its size or type, gets the very best out of its marketing. We help business survive and thrive. That's Dirigo’s bottom line.

Marketing firms have been touting strategy and brand process for eons. That’s because clients want reassurances that the investments that they make are safe. Process equals predictability. But old process can also lead to sameness and slowness. Process (e.g., how things get done and how decisions are made) is as important, and often times more critical, than the actual deliverable or output. To innovate, discovery, definition and design all need to run on parallel tracks instead of a single sequential track, so they can cross pollinate each other and create surprising new combinations. At Dirigo we use lots of methods to develop and integrate brand programs without compromising integrity. Even so, it can be messy and non-linear.

We build customer connections

If you choose us as your partner, you'll be working with some great people. Dirigo has a reputation for delivering on our promise—so you're assured to be working with an agency that uses best practices for marketing and communications. And you'll be working with a truly digital agency—the Internet is our inner core. Above that, you're assured seasoned professionals that come from an intuitively-picky hiring process. Our carefully-curated braintrust of strategists, creative artists and software engineers engage in forward-thinking marketing research, branding and selling.

We ask ourselves every day the tough question. Are we providing value here—are we selling cars—are we moving the dial? Many of our clients cannot justify the cost of using Dirigo for every piece of collateral, every e-commerce design, all the programming. We're here for the heavy lifting. We desire true partnerships where we're working with in-house staff. "I want the agency SEM expert and my SEM person to be locked at the hip." "I want my business marketing strategy infused with outside thinking." "I need a top SEO resource to review/audit my position and to show me how to measure ROI." "I need to measure my brand strength." "I want my agency to be an extension of my team." This is what we do—part of our Modus Operandi.

So think about it: how are you introducing a potential customer to your brand experience? The product is what your firm sells, but the brand is what your company is about. The right brand and strategy changes everything! We're here to help.

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