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We serve clients worldwide from our office in Portland, Maine.

Corporate office:

Dirigo Design & Development, Inc.
57 Exchange Street, Suite 302
Portland, ME 04101

PO Box 756
Portland, ME 04104

Hours of operation:

9:00am-6:00pm ET

Main telephone numbers:

Main menu: 207.347.7360
Fax: 207.358.2995

Around the clock technical support:

If your organization has a support contract, you may open support ticket.

Direct dial telephone numbers:

You may reach out to a team member directly by dialing the telephone number beside each name. If you use our main telephone number 207.347.7360, please take note of the extension number or follow the telephone menu.

Name Direct Dial Extension
David Addison 207.358.2980 x212
Christopher Belanger
-- x207
Ryan Dolan
207.358.2997 x288
Jason Farrington
207.358.2987 x290
Peter McCabe 207.358.2983 x202
Jamie Ippolito 207.358.2981 x203
Victoria Kuhn
207.358.2990 x210
Jessie Lacey 207.358.2995 x289
Andrew Olfene -- x212
-- x201
Derek Wheelden
207.358.2986 x287
Adrian Wong-Ken
207.358.2988 x284
Conference Room #1 -- x282
Wireless Polycom -- x206
Arash Rohani 207.358.2989 x293
Justin Colangelo 207.358.2985 x292
Development (AR)
-- x208
Reception -- x213
Development - Misc -- x209
Development - Misc -- x204
Developer Area -- x205
Jaclyn Stevens 207.358.2994 x291
Back Admin Office -- ---

After hours:

David's Cell phone: two zero 7 dash 650 dash four four 6 and the number five plus one (emergencies only). A bit cryptic for obvious reasons.


Thank you for contacting us!

We'll be in touch!

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