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Dirigo is a ShippingEasy API Integrator

Dirigo is a ShippingEasy API Integrator

Let's say that you're a ski resort and you need to ship 5,000 season passes to your customers easily. Better yet, how about integrating  Siriusware with a modern shipping application. We suggest that you take a look at ShippingEasy .

ShippingEasy provides the simplest online shipping application for online sellers. It‘s a terrific platform endorsed by Dirigo. We‘ve used the platform heavily and became a ShippingEasy integrator in 2016. We help to onboard customers that need to integrate software not already supported by ShippingEasy.

If you roll-back 10 years, most e-commerce firms were self-fulfilling from their e-commerce platform, a separate CRM software, or an installed application such as Fishbowl Inventory or Mail Order Manager (MOM). MOM actually no longer stands for Mail Order Manager. Freestyle Solutions has rebranded the product Multichannel Order Management  Most firms were sending orders to fulfillment houses using the standard MOM format. Software integrations were rather clumsy and oftentimes expensive. This is the old paradigm. There are many large legacy and mid-sized direct response sellers still operating this way.

Roll back 7 years or so and early multichannel adopters had few options. After all, marketplaces were fairly new. Channel Advisor and Mercent (now CommerceHub) were the only viable option. Fishbowl Inventory stepped into the marketplace space recently. These vendors have terrific products with loads of functionality. The drawback is price. These vendors are not part of the new Software-as-a-Service wave that is churning out low cost specialty services. I would classify Channel Advisor, CommerceHub, and Fishbowl Inventory as ‘enterprise software’ providers with an entry-point of $20K or more. That doesn‘t work well for start-ups and smaller brands.

About 5 years ago a new set of challengers emerged on the scene with a much lower price point. These are the new SaaS providers that have tackled bringing orders from lots of different stores and marketplaces into a single shipping and management platform for as low as $30/month. The big players (listed below with their start-up dates) reached critical mass in 2015-16.

After vetting the field, Dirigo choose ShippingEasy because of their commitment to customer support and simplicity. Their weak point was the number of integrations. They were the latest to be acquired by Stamps.com and we expect to see integration parity shortly.

With any of the above mentioned SaaS providers it is now efficient for just about any e-commerce concern to self-ship. This is the new paradigm. We‘ve advocated for several years now that firms fulfill in-house. If you have space for inventory and shipping supplies, you should do it yourself. Bringing fulfilment in-house lowers the cost and paves a path to free shipping and handling. Free S&H is the only way to combat Amazon’s dominance with PRIME. A single part-time employee who is also working customer service could easily fulfill a few hundred orders per day. Fulfilling 1-2K orders per day is now doable in-house with a small budget.

ShippingEasy integrates with leading ecommerce marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Sears, Newegg, and Jet (via Geekseller coming shortly). They also integrate with USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Even international fulfillment has become pretty simple.

ShippingEasy syncs order, fulfillment, and tracking data from multiple marketplaces and stores into a single platform for shipping management. The platform has recently been extended with a few CRM and Inventory features.

Users can print shipping labels and branded packing slips without having to cut-and-paste information into other applications.

ShippingEasy - Key Features

  • Sync orders from all online selling channels
  • Print discounted shipping labels in browser
  • Email customers tracking # status automatically
  • Assign shipping rules to order types to optimize shipping processes
  • Send invoices and labels to the printers automatically
  • Post order status back to selling channel automatically

Dirigo is an Approved ShippingEasy Affiliate

If you need help integrating ShippingEasy with a ASP.NET, .NET Core, or PHP software application, call David Addison at 207-358-2980 . Dirigo has the knowhow that you seek.




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