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Snapchat and Storytelling

Snapchat and Storytelling

Perhaps more than anything, consumers aren’t looking to be “sold” on a product or company. Instead, they would rather engage with a product’s narrative – what it does, how it works, who it benefits. This presents both challenges and opportunities for marketers. One way that marketers are engaging audiences in through Snapchat -- where marketers have the unique opportunity to tell stories that can attract new audiences and engross established customers.

Snapchat may not be at the top of your business’s marketing to-do list. After all, it’s far from the top social media site. But Snapchat presents a unique niche for innovative marketers. For one, Snapchat is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms on the web. Snapchat also has some of the most engaged users. In spite of this, few marketers have seized the platform for their own purposes, instead focusing on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

You may be wondering what you can possibly do with Snapchat, particularly when Snaps – which disappear after a few seconds – don’t have the staying power of Tweets or Facebook posts. But this impermanence actually presents marketers with the opportunity to tell stories in bits and pieces in a way that attracts, inspires, or even moves your audience.

So how do you craft a compelling Snapchat story? To answer this question, marketers must first understand the elements of strong storytelling. Most important, a good story has both characters and conflict. Choose people and plots that your audience can relate to. Even the simplest stories – choosing what to eat for dinner, meeting someone for the first time – can be meaningful to viewers.

In marketing the primary objective of a good narrative isn’t about selling someone on a particular product. Sure, your ultimate goal may be to increase revenue, but when you’re telling a story, your main focus is to build a connection with your audience. Anything else runs the risk of coming across as inauthentic – a surefire way to alienate your potential customers.

Because of the nature of Snapchat, stories must be simple and told in fragments. A simple joke, a touching moment, or an insightful message all take advantage of Snapchat’s features. Because Snapchat is inherently a visual medium, make sure you focus on high-quality graphics. As with any platform you use, if you aren’t familiar with Snapchat’s norms and features – filters, drawing tools, and emojis, for example – take time to familiarize yourself before jumping into the fray.

Expanding your outreach to Snapchat may be a smart move for your marketing strategy. Still not sure where to start? Dirigo can help you develop a storytelling strategy that fits your brand, mission, and audience. Contact us to find out how we can assist you today.


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