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Why Livestream?

Why Livestream?

If you have a comprehensive marketing strategy in place for your business, you may be wondering what livestreaming could possibly add to the mix. How could streaming a live video feed to a relatively small audience help your business?

If that’s what you are thinking, you may be surprised to learn which companies have already begun to use livestreaming as part of their innovative marketing strategies. Target, Redbull, and BMW are just some of the big names that have found success in streaming videos online.

In fact, livestreaming can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses big and small. If you haven’t thought about adding streaming video to your toolbox, take a moment to consider how it may help you achieve your goals.

Why Livestream?

You’re probably still wondering why you should consider livestreaming. After all, investing time and money into a new marketing strategy is a big commitment – and newer platforms like Periscope don’t have the reach of traditional social media. But livestreaming can help you engage new and diverse audiences in surprising ways that other tools cannot.

Perhaps most significantly, livestreaming is a surprisingly intimate way to reach out to younger audiences. It allows your business to present another, more personal side that blogging, social media, and even recorded video cannot. Live, unedited video streams have an air of authenticity that other types of content do not. Livestreaming, because it feels spontaneous and genuine, allows your audience to connect with your brand in ways that are both significant and lasting. While a single stream may not have the reach of a well-worded Tweet, it can have a deeper impact on those people who do see it.

Livestreaming can also be a smart tool because it integrates easily into other marketing efforts. With live video feeds, you can direct audiences to your website or other social media – and also interact with audiences live through Twitter or e-mail. Products like Facebook Live or YouTube livestreaming allow you connect with your established followers in new ways. Other services, like Periscope, may help you draw new people to your product.

One final way livestreaming can be a smart marketing move is by providing you with valuable data analytics. The different livestreaming platforms each has its own set of tools to gauge audience response and engagement, helping you shape and target your campaigns.


Livestreaming Strategies

While launching a new marketing effort requires investment, livestreaming can pay off, particularly if you are looking to forge strong connections with a younger demographic. 

If you can’t yet see the possibilities of livestreaming, consider these specific ways that your company can engage audiences through live video feeds.

         Broadcast live events: Don’t let a small venue limit your guest list! Invite online audiences to watch live business events, such as product launches, grand openings, or everyday celebrations.

         Focus on the personal: Through livestreaming, you can also present a candid portrait of your business. For example, you could use a live feed to tell personal stories through interviews or testimonials.

         Engage with live audiences: Host a Q&A session with internet users by inviting them to submit questions live through Twitter. Respond to the questions as they come in and engage new audiences through the use of hashtags or conversation topics.

         Demos and training sessions: Use a livestream to host a demonstration of your product. Or, offer helpful training sessions for target audiences in your industry. Helpful how-tos are a great way to draw new people to your products or services.

         “Behind the Scenes”: Give internet audiences a “behind-the-scenes” look at the operations of your business. Tour your facility with a camera in hand and stop to check in with employees or clients who have something to say to the camera.

These are only some of the ways that you can integrate livestreaming into your marketing strategy. Want to know how you can make livestreaming work for you? Contact us and we can help you design a strategy that works for you.




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