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Konvey Merge Codes


Konvey.com merge code examples (Updated 5/5/2017):

  • HTML-Encoded Expression
  • Unsubscribe Link
  • Non-HTML-Encoded Expression
    Only use this merge type if the data field contains HTML and if you DO NOT want the merge engine to HTML Encode the data pulled from the database. Double percent signs work with any merge code.
    {%% contact.mycustomhtmlfield %%}
  • Snippet Expression
    {% $Color %}
  • Inline Snippet Declaration
    <div konvey-snippet="Color">Blue</div>
  • Tracked (default) Anchor Tag with Client- and Server-Side Titles
    (if no server-side title exists, the client-side title is used server-side)
    <a href="
    " title="Konvey" konvey-title="Konvey Home Page">Konvey</a>
  • Untracked Anchor Tag
    <a konvey-notrack="true" href="
  • Anchor Tag with Placeholder URL for Pre-merge Display
    <a href="unmergedUrl" konvey-href="mergedUrl"></a>
  • Image Tag with Placeholder Src URL
    <img src="unmergedUrl" konvey-src="mergedUrl" />
  • Image Tag with Placeholder Srcset URL
    <img src="small.jpg" srcset="large.jpg 2000w" konvey-srcset="medium.jpg 1000w" />
  • HTML Tag with Placeholder CSS Style
    <div style="unmergedStyle" konvey-style="mergedStyle"></div>
  • HTML Tag with Repeater
    <div konvey-repeat="purchase in contact.purchases">{%purchase.amount%}</div>
  • Conditional Tag
    <div konvey-if="contact.contactid"></div>
  • Conditional Tag Referencing a Filter
    <div konvey-if="contact.filters.maineresidents"></div>
  • Switch Tag with Default Value
    <div konvey-switch="contact.state.toUpperCase()">
    <div konvey-switch-when="ME">Maine resident</div>
    <div konvey-switch-when="NH">New Hampshire resident</div>
    <div konvey-switch-default>U.S. resident</div>
  • Server-Side Script Declaration
    <script type="text/konvey-script">
    /* Server-side Javascript goes here */
  • CSS Stylesheet to be Inlined
    <style type="text/css" konvey-inline>
    .img-responsive { max-width: 100%;, height: auto; display: block; }


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