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Magento 2.1 Product is Disabled but Still Shows on the Front-end


I'm live with a Magento 2.1 store (my first 2.1 launch) in September 2016 (early) and I'm having a few issues, so I thought I'd begin to share my experiences in hopes that it might help others.    

Issue: I have a product configured and have it disabled by setting the "Enable Product" toggle to the off position.  But my product still shows up on the front-end.  Despite there being a quantity available the product shows up without the order button and says that it is out of stock.  The product detail page throws a 404 Error.

How to fix:  Uncheck the "Use Default Settings" checkbox just under the Enable Product toggle.  Then save the product.  Once you do this the "Use Default Settings" checkbox will disappear (when you go back to edit again - it is gone).

Unknowns: I could not find any documentation online that explains this behavior.  I checked the Stores > Configuration > Configuration area and there is noting that I could find about disable/enable by default.  It appears as thought the Use Default Settings checkbox overrides the enable/disable function.

If anyone has more information about this issue, please email hello@dirigodev.com. 


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