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CONNECT, CAPTIVATE & CONVERT. We're about engaging with your audience and turning them into customers. Then we turn customers into fans.

We are fresh thinkers. Conceptual thinkers. Out of the box thinkers. We are leaders in our industry because we never forget to be students of our Modus Operandi.

We are a consulting-centered boutique agency engineered to win business for our clients in the connected 24/7/365 omnipresent world.

All of your marketing efforts should be integrated into one single, agile, engaging strategy. We’d like to be given an opportunity to earn your business. Give us a call, and let's talk about how we can put Dirigo to work for you, 207.358.2990.

The Dirigo Crew

The Dirigo team is comprised of marketing veterans with proven successes in building award-winning designs, print, and digital creative solutions, branding, e-commerce, marketing automation, consumer engagement, social and rich media, user interface/information architecture, consumer psychology/personas, marketing strategy, and digital best practices. We present Dirigo's main players—the finest team in New England with more than century of collective marketing and technology experience.

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  • Jamie Ippolito Jamie Ippolito Alternate

    Jamie Ippolito

    Partner, Sales & Marketing Director
  • David Addison David Addison Alternate

    David Addison

    Partner, Interactive Marketing
  • Victoria Kuhn Victoria Kuhn Alternate

    Victoria Kuhn

    Partner, Branding & Marketing Strategist
  • Jessie Lacey Jessie Lacey Alternate

    Jessie Lacey

    Creative Director
  • Derek Wheelden Derek Wheelden Alternate

    Derek Wheelden

    Front-end Developer
  • Justin Colangelo Justin Colangelo Alternate

    Justin Colangelo

  • Jaclyn Stevens Jaclyn Stevens Alternate

    Jaclyn Stevens

    Marketing Manager & Project Manager
  • Peter McCabe Peter McCabe Alternate

    Peter McCabe

    Application Developer
  • Jamie Ippolito

    Partner, Sales & Marketing Director

    Jamie Ippolito has been in the marketing, public relations, and technology/systems space for more than 14 years. He’s part manager, programmer, and marketer. In this field, anyone who can build a single functioning website tends to crown himself a "web developer." It’s not so difficult to learn how to build a website. True art is running the gauntlet of technology and loving it. What does it take to generate $32MM in online revenue from 170,000 customers? Can you oversee, design, and implement a five-year technology roadmap enabling rapid deployment of new customer acquisition functionality? Have you built a world class catalog, brand and e-commerce site on a skinny $5MM budget? Can you manage digital marketing strategies and programs, PPC, SEO, reputation, e-mail, social media, security, distribution centers, data warehousing, reporting, analytics (and the list keeps going) ... with mastery of about 75 other disciplines? This is Jamie.

    His strengths include:

    • Software Management & Development
    • IT and Software Development Strategy
    • System Analysis, Design & Streamlining
    • E-Commerce Platform Implementations
    • Data Warehouse Design/Development
    • Email Marketing: Marketing Databases, CRM/ESP Integrations
    • Online Marketing: SEO, SEM, Social Media, Reputation
    • HTML, SQL, JQuery, ASP.NET, PHP, CSS

    Prior to joining Dirigo in the fall 2012, Jamie spent five years as Director of Technology at FetchDog.com. Prior to that, he spent five years as the Manager of Interactive Services at American Skiing Company where he oversaw $20MM in e-commerce sales. From 2000 to 2003 he was the Online Marketing Manager for Sunday River where he oversaw $2MM in e-commerce revenue.

    Jamie is a graduate of Carabassett Valley Academy — a private middle/high school at Sugarloaf Mountain — offering a unique balance of college preparatory academics and competitive ski and snowboard training. It should be no surprise that his favorite vertical is the ski and resort sector. If you love what you do it’s not work. That’s why Dirigo builds website solutions for ski resorts.

    Jamie is a Mainer—he grew up in Rumford and moved back to the Bethel Area (Maine ski heaven) after earning a BA in English from Bates College. He was always interested in technology and naturally gravitated to the Internet during the dot-com bubble. Back in the day he was an overclocker: one of those guys jacking-up his Pentium 120 to run at 150 (water cooling his processor). It was all in a quest to Duke Nukem faster. He still likes the games but like many with a wife and two young children, has joined the ranks of the responsible and accountable.

    At Dirigo, Jamie combines his past experiences with strategy and technology while interfacing with clients on branding, e-commerce, m-commerce, e-mail communications, and digital advertising projects. His first task at Dirigo was to rebuild our e-mail service provider (ESP) platform. Two-thirds of ESPs deploy the very same platform we use. Jamie put Dirigo into the same class as Responsys, Lyris, ExactTarget, EmailVision, Silverpop, CheetahMail, MailChimp, and many more during his first 100 days. Jamie set his sights on building turn-key responsive (RWD) interactive solutions for the hospitality and auto verticals. He has taken a place alongside David Addison and Victoria Kuhn as a rainmaker for his client-set.

    Jamie is a natural collaborator, a high-impact leader, and an expert at facilitating common ground and consensus agreement among diverse stakeholders. He has a strong talent for helping business groups frame critical business issues, identify and evaluate practical solutions, and establish clear goals that achieve extraordinary results. Jamie is especially adept at working with senior business leaders who need to quickly reach consensus on a clear digital strategy, and then transition to action to meet the demands of fast-changing markets.

    There is Just no Substitute for Experience

    Knowing how to effectively sell online requires a level of expertise that only comes from years of working in this field. You've found a team who will work intelligently month in and month out to meet your needs. E-mail me or ring 207.358.2981 to start the conversation about your online needs or digital project.

  • David Addison

    Partner, Interactive Marketing

    David’s entrepreneurial endeavors began at an early age in grade school. He teamed up with a classmate, now a successful writer and comic book creator, and produced calendar sketches mimicking the political actions of soon-to-be President Jimmy Carter. It was 1976 when business hours started at the first bell of the lunch period. The two partners set up shop in the courtyard and students quickly offered their milk money for the hot new product. Word spread through the school and soon grabbed the attention of the school principal, who thought the two entrepreneurs were stealing their classmates’ lunch money.

    David scores a high 3 on the Enneagram Test: he has issues with workaholism and competitiveness. Threes typically become so alienated from themselves that they no longer know what they truly want, or what their real feelings or interests are. Threes have come to believe that emotions get in the way of their performance, so they substitute thinking and practical action for feelings. David says "I'm a bit messed up — but okay with it because I love what I do". If you love what you do it's not work.

    That adrenal rush from his first taste of entrepreneurship and success had a profound impact on David. It was that drive and success—then and now—that David seeks to achieve in every project with his team at Dirigo. He has a polyphasic personality and oftentimes would rather mobilize for a deadline or to win the day than be concerned with rest or sustenance. He is outlandishly modern in the context of esoteric teachings.

    His fondness of Jane Austen novels (Emma and Mansfield Park) seems to conflict with his all-time favorite read, Frank Hurbert’s Dune trilogy. If he were a food, he’d be roti canai—a type of flatbread he grew to love when spending time in Malaysia. As a Star Wars character, he’d choose to be Kyle Katran. Who? Kyle joined the Jedi Order under Luke Skywalker, eventually becoming one of its strongest Jedi and a member of the Jedi Council. His favorite color is #008080, one of the initial group of 16 HTML/CSS web colors formulated in 1987. FYI, the redesigned version of the United States $100 note features teal as its primary background color.

    In the early 1990s David had completed his studies and went to work in Belfast, Northern Ireland as part of an economic redevelopment team in Suffolk, a small Protestant community within the predominantly Catholic West Belfast. Upon return stateside, the California job market was stalled due to the 1990-1991 recession. As fate would have it, instinct kicked in and David founded a computer export firm with his college professor and help from a former Taiwanese MBA alumni. His travels to the Soviet Bloc flourished into a computer hardware business, which grew into a chain of value-added retail stores in central California.

    In 1993 David acquired a small print company and voilà, an in-house marketing agency for media buying, advertising, and collateral production began. His firm was well-known for broadcasting live on the radio in five different markets from Taipei Taiwan and other parts of the Far East while on buying trips and trade shows. The business was more about merchandising and advertising than technology. In the mid-90s his firm was outselling IBM and Dell in central California. DKA had a strong following in the auto industry. With a revenue per square foot metric of approximately $4,100, David was closely watched by Silicon Valley firms like SuperMicro and Asus plus funders FINOVA Capital Corporation and GE Capital. For perspective (2011), Best Buy runs at $900 per square foot, Tiffany & Co takes $3,000, and Apple is untouched at $6,000.

    In the pre-Internet days David built a bulletin board system with 300 baud modems to distribute software drivers. His first website went online in late January 1996. Yes, you could call this the social networking dinosaur age, but remember that without CompuServe, Prodigy and that upstart AOL, there would be no Facebook, no Twitter, not even Google. By 1997 he had more than 200,000 products on-line powered by a feed from Ingram Micro. Though he was fully involved in selling his wares online, he was preoccupied with brick and mortar. As the clone-PC revolution started to wind down at the end of the 90s, David’s eight year run in the hardware business transitioned. He turned his firm over to his partners and said goodbye to the 60+ employees and began his pivot into the interactive world.

    The Dirigo staff like to say that he “got the entrepreneurial itch, jumped the Cali ship, and moved to Maine” to begin a new life with MBA colleague, Victoria Kuhn. After spending a few months with CP Web Media, David joined a start-up interactive firm in Portland, where he honed his HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL ASP/VB Script, and Adobe Photoshop skills and learned the agency business.

    In the summer of 2003 David transitioned his clients to Dirigo Design & Development, Inc. His focus was and still is direct response marketing, diving deep with just a few clients. Automotive and health were his largest verticals. All the experiences of going deep give Dirigo a unique perspective in the marketplace. “We’re so much more than a web development, web design, and custom programming shop,” says David. “We really do grow web businesses and the infrastructure that is needed—from shipping and regulatory issues to incorporation and introducing financial partners/angels and creating business agreements.” A number of the Dirigo Class of 2003 clients has blossomed into mega successful pure-play Internet businesses. In late 2010 Dirigo began the pivot from being a purely interactive shop to boutique ad agency. That pivot is still happily underway. "The web developer title never really fit," says David. "It was too small a box." In 2012 Dirigo partnered with CBC Advertising and dove deep into the automotive vertical.

    David built Dirigo as a Microsoft .NET shop. Why? Because .NET is a mid-market programming platform that supports Web development as well as C/C++, Visual C++, VB.NET, C#, F#, M, Python, and Ruby. The language allows the sort of deep integration and interoperability required to run a mid-sized business. PHP, the other predominate Web language that Dirigo supports, is a general-purpose scripting language. We even support UniVerse (a Pick RocketU2 database).

    David’s earliest e-commerce work included Talk America/Vital Basics/Factor Nutrition, Puristat, Comina, Always Young, and Planet Dog. Corporate work included Sun Microsystems, Allaire (now Dreamweaver, owned by Adobe), L.L.Bean, MEMIC, ExxonMobil, The First, Bangor Savings, GMAC, Dunkin Donuts, Business Objects (now SAP), and scores more.

    In the world of creative and web design and development there is a hefty gap between the cheapest and the most expensive provider, with many in-between. David pushes Dirigo to be in the middle. The difference is thought, research, strategy, time, expertise and success, and quality. He insists that the Dirigo staff take time to explain the mysteries of creative and web design and development, the intricacies of running an Internet business—what it takes to succeed on-line—SEO, PPC, SEM… so that our clients understand how they’re spending their hard earned dollars. His mission, always, is to provide our clients measurable S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) ROI (return on investment).

    David holds an MBA from the Craig School of Business at California State University, Fresno, and a BS in finance. He served 8 years on the senior management of a B2C internet marketing, owns DermaHarmony.com, and invests in tech start-ups. David lives with Victoria Kuhn and their twins in Falmouth, Maine. There's lots more too. Ask the Dirigo staff about silverware, bitcoin mining and bar soap. They'll give you an ear full — Dirigo is an interesting place. He can be found online at Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, Mashable, Marketing Sherpa, Ad Week, TechCrunch, Search Engine Land, and Webmaster World.

    Connect With Dirigo Design & Development and Connect With Your Goals

    Achieving success in your business isn't just about your organization's products and services. And it's much more than your organization's brand and its leadership team. Dirigo is an experienced integrative marketing organization that achieves goals. If your organization wants to generate more, call David Addison at 207-358-2980. We're here to help you connect with your customers and grow your organization.


  • Victoria Kuhn

    Partner, Branding & Marketing Strategist

    Victoria brings almost 20 years of strategy, marketing, brand positioning, facilitating groups, and research experience to her role with Strategy, Media & Content at Dirigo Design & Development, Inc. She leads strategy, marketing, and business development efforts in higher education and health care sectors. What makes Victoria’s work special to her clients is her ability to integrate diverse strategy, branding, product, and marketing campaigns with a focus on return on investment (ROI). Early on, she built her career around offline channels like traditional media (radio, TV, and print). She’s as comfortable with old media as the various communications channels of today. Most clients need both.

    Her battle stance mental state is like “being a quarterback, running with the ball, rarely turning back to question her own defense and looking for holes in the other team’s line.” On the Enneagram test, Victoria scores high as an eight (the Driver) and a three (the Performer). She’s a high achiever who identifies strongly with high energy and competitiveness traits.

    On the personal side, her twin 12-year-olds keep her and her husband on the go. She can be found experimenting with cooking, gardening, running through the sprinklers in the backyard (summer, of course), hiking in Maine or New Hampshire (summer AND winter, of course) or at Crescent Beach building sand castles. Her love of baseball dictates her favorite color, orange—the-San Francisco-Giants-shade. She spent a few years as the official scorekeeper in the Giants minor league baseball farm system. Her heroes include trailblazers Willie Mays and Willie McCovey, a local favorite from where she was raised, Dick Selma plus her Dad (who like her was a scorekeeper and taught her the scorekeeping ropes).

    Networking throughout the Maine business and non-profit communities, Victoria is a key player in helping her clients to develop new opportunities. She creates boutique-to-comprehensive marketing and product strategies, which target clients’ strengths and competitors’ weaknesses. Her tools include market research, content marketing, group facilitation, strategic planning, group facilitation, competitive intelligence, to name a few. The goals vary from helping a client securing a book publishing deal, making more than 2MM images easy for clients to navigate in a new web app, communicating academic and sports information at a private college, and helping health systems reduce sepsis in hospitals.

    But is she a geek? She definitely programmed a calculator in statistics. To this day she indexes everything, often takes notes in more than one color, and adores jigsaw puzzles. But, she never played Dungeons and Dragons, is not into video games, and loathes science fiction films (thoguh she is reading Animal Farm and participating in her daughter's school blogging project). She reads a few Google patents, occasionally voices her opinions on the Webmasterword forums, and can run circles around most marketers and interactive folks. S

    Prior to joining Dirigo, Victoria spent 13 years at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (including the ol’ Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Maine) in roles such as Marketing Director, Chief of Staff to the General Manager, Plan Strategist, Senior Project Manager, and Senior Competitive Intelligence Analyst. Prior work experiences include Director of Market Research for a Maine research firm and several years spent at Farm Bureau Financial Services in marketing.

    She is committed to her adopted state of Maine, serving on various non-profits. She was proudly a Loaned Executive at the United Way of Greater Portland and a member of the Kappa Class of Leadership Maine—go Kappa!

    Victoria professes that she cannot live without her iPhone Notes app—“it’s the simplicity that I appreciate.” And she really loves the CamScanner app, so much easier than using a desktop scanner or even a Neat.

    In addition to her undergraduate and MBA experiences, there’s alphabet soup behind her name (she’s a Fellow in two institutes plus she has two other business certificates). Victoria is a lifelong learner, committed to keeping abreast of trends, emerging business opportunities, and subjects of interest to her. What’s the book on her nightstand at the writing of this bio? Tao of Twitter, the Holy Bible, and Lost on a Mountain in Maine. Victoria’s favorite professional books include The Hero and the Outlaw, The Art of War, The Servant, Conscious Golf, and The Four Agreements.

    Connect With Dirigo Design & Development and Connect With Your Goals

    Achieving success in your business isn't just about your organization's products and services. And it's much more than your organization's brand and its leadership team. Dirigo is an experienced integrative marketing organization that achieves goals. If your organization wants to generate more, call Victoria Kuhn at 207-358-2990. We're here to help you connect with your customers and grow your organization.

  • Jessie Lacey

    Creative Director

    Jessie is an accomplished print and interactive designer with more than 16 years of real-world experience. As creative director at Dirigo, she rules the roost in creative Web design, brand positioning, logo development, and print collateral. She uses her past experiences in art, design, and production at Bangor Metro Magazine and Maine Home+Design Magazine to our clients' advantage. Keeping up with technology helps Jessie bridge the communication gap between client, design, and web development.

    Her design is thoughful and deliberate, marrying the principles of good form as well as good function, the underlying principles of good user interaction design. Design should look easy and interaction should be effortless. Her instincts as well as her eye for design plays a big part in keeping her design work relevant to users and client's customers.

    Jessie is an active participant in Portland's creative community. A member of Portland Museum of Arts Contemporaries, Space Gallery, and Creative Portland. Her art has been seen at The East Ender and The Empire and a few other Portland locales. She strives to surround herself with creativity and inspirational people. Jessie prides herself on keeping up with (and getting ahead of) design trends as well as perfecting the classic and timeless. Her color trend predictions have been consistently on-point, year after year.

    Jessie is always making and doing, as her design philosophies overlap nearly all areas of her life. When she isn't creating award-winning website deisgn, she is working on her projects in fashion design, interior design or industrial design.

    Her dog Twobit can sometimes be seen at the office, begging for treats. Jessie attended University of Maine, Orono and in 2005 she graduated with a bachelor's degree in new media and minors in studio art and computer science.

    What can good design do for your company? Connect with Jessie, call207.347.7360. We're here to help you connect with your customers and grow your organization.

  • Derek Wheelden

    Front-end Developer

    Derek joined Dirigo in the October 2013 after three years with Sugarloaf Mountain as their full-time in-house ASP.NET & PHP web developer. Sugarloaf sits atop an Ingeniux CMS installation—an enterprise content managment solution that he installed and integrated. Earlier, Derek was the primary developer for the Stein Eriksen Lodge and the Chateaux reservation booking widgets, and their marketing retarget systems. At Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Derek helped roll out a homespun PHP-based CMS system during their last major redesign. From 2000 to 2013 he freelanced, primarily developing smaller sites with Wordpress and other CMS systems, custom Tumblr themes, and single page web apps using Node.js, Express.js and Backbone.

    His technology wheelhouse includes Microsoft SQL, MySQL, ASP.NET, Classic ASP, HTM5, CSS3, Saas/LESS, jQuery, JSON, JavaScript, XML, PHP, Mongoose and loads of JS frameworks. Derek feels equally at home with the L.A.M.P. stack as he does on Microsoft server technology.

    Like most of the Dirigo team, Derek is full stack developer—meaning that he is as strong on the front-end as he is on the back-end.

    The "front-end" of the web is that part that you can see and interact with. This includes design and the user movement and interaction piece (the CSS, JavaScript and HTML). The "back-end" consists of the server, the underlying application logic, and the database. The lines between designer and developer seem to get more and more blurry as time marches on. At Dirigo we don't split our team into front-end and back-end components. Everyone is expected to master it all. We run a learning-lab environment where staff freely teach and exchange ideas. That said, Derek prefers the front-end.

    The future of website development is to create a website without the web developer. I'm part of that movement. My role, always, is to think, problem solve and conceptualize—translating ideas into working things. I respect the tasks that clients want to do themselves, and I’m here to offer expert advice and provide technical expertise as needed. I'm here at Dirigo building business systems and platforms that will reshape our industry. Change is coming!

    Work with Dirigo

    I would be happy to share my experiences with you and to help the right client grow its online business. Drop me a note and I'll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

    Derek’s Latest & Greatest

    • Dirigo E-Commerce Services: Derek is lead developer for Dirigo’s Ski Resort Platform-as-a-Service e-Commerce Solution. Our .NET stack APIs drive a purely JavaScript & NodeJS Embedded season pass, lift ticket, events… e-commerce solution specially built for ski resorts. There's really no reason that our platform cannot drive other businesses that also sell tickets or services (e.g. water parks, amusement parks, tours, events, etc.). The admin area and pricing engine delivers cutting-edge hassle free optimum pricing. Our Ski Resort E-Commerce can be easily embedded into just about any websites. With E-Commerce Services resorts can "own" their User Experience.
    • DirigoEdge CMS: Derek is also the lead developer for Dirigo’s CMS offerings. DirigoEdge and Commerce Services are truly team efforts.  Derek’s largest contribution is structural — he helped transition Dirigo from an messy single-developer model to a well-organized software-team model. This coincided with embracing GitHub. Git is a version control system like Subversion,CVS or Mercurial. The Hub is what makes GitHub special.  The Hub is a place where teams of developers can work together to move software forward by Forking a Repo, Pull Requests, Changelogs, Bug Lists, Punchcards, Versioning... When we're working on a project, we're going to have a bunch of different ideas in progress at any given time. Some ideas will finish before others. Branching exists to help us manage the workflow. When we create a branch, we're creating an environment where we can try out new ideas. Changes to a branch don't affect the master branch, so we're free to experiment and commit changes, safe in the knowledge that the branch won't be merged until it's ready to be audited by the team. Derek champions our software development model.
    • Front-End Development: Essential participation in every ski resort project for the past 3 years.
    • Resort Interactive Maps: Prototyped our first Ski Resort Interactive Maps.








  • Justin Colangelo


    Justin joined Dirigo in June 2013 as a transplant from the West Coast where he worked as a programmer on an events management SaaS platform (ArtsPeople, also known as Ticket Turtle — a ~30 employee outfit similar to Ticket Master). With so much work in e-commerce, Justin has become a guru of e-commerce pricing engines. Justin helped to build Dirigo Ecommerce Services — a ski resort season pass and dated ticket commerce engine. He is proficient in PHP (Zend Framework), Python, ASP.NET, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, CSS3, HTML5 and responsive web design (Bootstrap).

    Justin is a lead developer on our ski resort platform (Schweitzer Mountain Resort is a nice example) and is co-pilot for DirigoEdge — our lightweight open-source responsive ASP.NET CMS platform. He's exclusive to our highest-end most difficult work.

    Why does the world need another CMS? Because we found other platforms unable to push the limits of responsive design the way Dirigo does. We needed new technology/UX for a new era of development. We believe that the future of web development is tied to more sophisticated content management systems — systems that will inevitably make low-end web developers obsolete. We want to help shape the technology that is going to interrupt our industry. Sophisticated vertical SaaS web solutions are the future. With thousands of downloads of DirigoEdge already, we're on our way.

    Justin is a Massachusetts native who straddles Generation X and Y. He is well educated, mature, active, balanced, happy and family-oriented. He owns a home in Portland and became a father with the arrival of Ava Colangelo in August 2013.

    He began his career with part-time work for his newly renovated high school where he deployed network cable. As a Junior and Senior in high school he took-up with Lucent Technologies assembling and deploying UNIX-based workstations (Sun Sparc and Ultra’s). After graduating with an Associate’s Degree in Audio Engineering, Justin went on to pursue a BS in Computer Science with Portland State University. During college Justin maintained an online storefront and worked for Bose on an elite technical team. For a brief period Justin worked for ContentNext in NYC, a division of UK publisher Guardian newspapers, as a developer on a set of very large news websites.

    Justin built his career in the open source L.A.M.P. and then moved to ASP.NET. The move was easy because he was well versed in object oriented code and had been in the deep end of the pond for a long while. Justin programs in ASP.NET C#, Visual Basic, Python, PHP, C/C++, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle Siebel CRM, etc. He’s as comfortable programming on a Mac as a PC. He can administer Windows, Sun and Linux servers. He builds smartphone applications using AppGyver.

    To the right side of Justin’s workstation is a chess board and a decanter of fine southern whiskey. The techs are constantly tangled in chess games. Sitting on top of his monitors is a remote control helicopter launch pad for office reconnaissance. An Xbox Kinect camera follows your every move in his work area — it plays various human interaction games. Sprinkled at the back of his work surface is a box of Arduino boards, a RaspberryPi, parts and pieces for tinkering. You get the picture. Pure tech! Justin is also a musician and sound recording guru.

    Justin is the Swiss Army Knife of programmers. That’s how we like them. Few web developers (say, five out of a hundred) have the zeal that this guy has.

    Delivering Advanced Web Applications is what I Do!

    I’ve helped a lot of organizations develop solutions that excel in high-complexity environments to achieve challenging business objectives. Take a look around the Dirigo site and ring me if you think I can help.

    Justin's Latest & Greatest


    Justin is an accomplished web developer and programmer. His title says 'under construction' because his place in the development cycle is always under construction.









  • Jaclyn Stevens

    Marketing Manager & Project Manager

    Jaclyn Stevens works on the Strategy & Marketing side of the Dirigo house. She manages scads of search engine marketing campaigns (SEM), online reputation management programs, social media engagements, and e-mail sending strategies. She is a master of Bing Ads, Google Adwords/AdSense, Google Merchant Circle, Facebook Ads, and DoubleClick for Publishers. We use Google Analytics, Google Console (Webmaster Tools), and our own proprietary analytics system to manage campaigns and budgets. And she has amazing project management skills.

    With her primary focus being to increase visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs), Jaclyn whips-up her magic through various optimizations—on-page and off-page—plus paid placements (PPC), contextual advertising, remarketing campaigns, dynamic auto ads, pay-per-call, and paid inclusion. She’s responsible for on-page search engine optimization (SEO) or what we call search marketing integration: that is, Jaclyn adjusts and rewrites web content to achieve higher rankings in SERPs plus she recommends new landing pages to provide a better user experience and higher paid search quality scores too.

    Jaclyn also partakes in project management with some of our larger clients. She trains users new to content management systems, bridges the gap between client needs and interacting with Dirigo's technical team, and keep projects moving on time and on budget.

    She's a whiz at social media marketing like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Day in and day out Jaclyn is centered on creating and curating content that attracts attention and encourages engagement. And because our clients need full-service marketing services, Jaclyn also buys and manages offline print campaigns and participates in video and photo shoots. She also supports e-mail marketing, HTML markup, and SQL data.

    Prior to joining Dirigo Jaclyn worked for a smaller interactive agency in a similar role. At Dirigo, Jaclyn’s largest verticals are the automotive and health sectors. Jaclyn graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maine.

    At Dirigo, we’re all about SMART (specific, measureable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) goals and prioritize them accordingly. This is where her degree comes in handy: SEO, PPC, reputation, and social media are all about metrics and statistics.

    Jaclyn doesn’t believe in SEO games—that is outright manipulation of the engines to achieve high rankings. Her primary focus has always been on serving consumers via long-term strategies. The days of SEO as a distinct, independent discipline are over. SEO/SEM has become a more creative, diverse, and challenging profession. Consumers and search engines want quality content, engagement and dialogue, and social proof of a brands’ existence. Jaclyn is fixated on the integration of best practices. She likes to say: “if we serve end-users and produce and curate high quality content, good results follow.” She’s dead on!

    Marketing is Easy... it's Doing it Right that's the Hard Part

    No matter what stage your business is in, we can help by providing you with strategy, development creative, search engine marketing, copywriting, social media solutions and much more. Connect with Dirigo and connect with your goals. Call us today at 207-358-2990.

  • Peter McCabe

    Application Developer

    Peter McCabe joined Dirigo in early 2015. He's a software architect with 15+ years of experience designing and building enterprise-level solutions for companies ranging from startups to the Fortune 500, using Microsoft and open source technologies.

    Peter is a longtime Portland native. After earning a B.A. from Hamilton College in New York he went to England for a bit where he lived at the Wells Cathedral as a hired vocalist in the Wells Choir. The Wells Cathedral was the first truly Gothic structure built in Europe. The present building dates from an earlier church having been built on the site in 705. He lived on a famous street called Vicar's Close — a photographers dream. This street is claimed to be the oldest purely residential street, with original surviving buildings intact, in Europe. We hear that the plumbing was medieval. The Choir thing didn't last too long.

    Upon returning to the States Peter took various freelance gigs at the Harvard University Center for Population and Development Studies and John Snow, Inc. (a health policy organization). From 1994-97 he taught computer sciences at the St. Albans School in Washington DC. From 1997-99 he was the Director of Information Technology for a large government contractor. (at the time it was a dot-com crazed company). He then served as the lead systems engineer for the same outfit. He mostly designed and documented the network architecture for an online brokerage website, employed load-balanced IIS web servers, clustered SQL Server instances, and added fully redundant networking; then he led a team of developers in designing and building all applications using ASP, VB6, and SQL Server.

    From 2000-04 Peter was a Software Architect for GEICO. This experience had him creating and documenting a .NET Framework-based development architecture stressing rigorous code encapsulation, separation of logical and physical application tiers, and flexible data persistence strategies. He spearheaded the transition from classic-ASP and Visual Basic 6 to ASP.NET and C#. He also developed web applications to allow policyholders to submit claims for accident damage, and to receive quotes for homeowner’s insurance coverage — a mainstay in today’s insurance market.

    In 2004 Peter returned to Portland Maine where he took a VP of Information Technology position with Quotient Marketing. He spent the next 8+ years singlehandedly building an email marketing and data mining platform. In 2007 Quotient was acquired by a major email marketing outfit that services roughly 80% of large restaurant chains nationwide. The firm was VC funded and had multiple rounds of investment. He left his position as Chief Software Architect for this firm and joined Dirigo in 2015 because he wanted to get back to doing great things again.

    Why Dirigo? Because we have an email marketing platform and we're hard at work making bold investments. If things play out as expected, Dirigo will have a shiny new world-class email marketing system with a rich feature-set second to nobody. From the outset, we had very decent email marketing offerings. Peter's 40-person Agile development team at the ESP company built solutions capable of sending 30 million emails per hour. He comes with Big Data experiences — Apache Hadoop, Hive, and Spark. This is exactly what we need to move to the next level. Our marketing platforms and CMS offerings are getting more sophisticated. We're hiring the best talent that we can find.

    In March 2017 we launched Konvey.com which is Dirigo's new e-mail & marketing automation offering. The system is based on ASP.NET Core 1.1 C#, AngularJS, SQL 2016, and a hosting cloud that Peter engineered from the ground up during his first 2 years at Dirigo. Konvey is fully featured with 3x the ability and throughput of Peter's last e-mail marketing system.

    Peter is fluent with ASP.NET, C#, Razor, Entity Frameworks, VBScript, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, MS SQL Server, Oracle 8i, FibreChannel Storage Area Networks, Windows, Linux, and Solaris servers, clustering, load balancing, application fault tolerance, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS — he's a one man Tech Choir. The guy has a PhD in RFC 7073, 6430, 5321, 2821, 2822, 2142, 2110, and 822. Truly amazing... and about as full-stack as they get. His knowledge of email marketing tactics and techniques is awe-inspiring — even to true veterans of email marketing and conversion. Best of all, he thinks deeply before he acts.

    Peter chose Dirigo. We didn't seek him out. After looking at his technical ability and his plans for the future it was clear that Peter and Dirigo had a future. Let's see what the future holds.

    Peter's Latest & Greatest

    • .NET Core 1.1 / Angular: Engineered and coded the Konvey E-Mail & Marketing Automation application.
    • Environment Upgrades: Installation of fault tollerant Redis.io caching technology, highly available PowerMTA cluster, three StarWind Storage Area Networks, virtualization using VMWare, installation of Veeam Backup & Restore, addition of 3 on premises DNS servers, domain controllers, and SFTP servers tied to the .NET Core membership provider. The environment upgrades were engineered to increase application up-time and to lay the groundwork for horizontal and vertical software multitenancy scaling.
    • Everett Collection Engineering: Peter was an early adopter of .NET Core & AnjularJS and led Dirigo into this new technology stack many months before the RTM. .NET Core is a general purpose, modular, cross-platform and open source implementation of .NET.
    • Entity Framework Automatic Code First Migrations: Led the charge to remove pieces of Microsoft's Entity Framework - Code First from Dirigo's technology stack.
    • Performance & Testing Focus: Helped to foster a culture where Dirigo "sweats the tiny stuff". Each SQL query, loop, and technology is invariably tied to performance, scalability, and up-time. Milliseconds really do matter!
    • Marketing Database Mining & Predictive Analytics: Peter came to Dirigo with hefty Microsoft SQL data warehousing experience. His most recent employer had him integrating applications with Hadoop and Tableau. As Dirigo wades heavier into the marketing database space for the resort & hospitality industry, these 'big data' experiences become critically important.











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